The Associate Construction/Repair Services (CRS) Project Manager will assist an experienced CRS Project Manager with maintenance and construction related to lake, pond and storm water devices. While on a job site, the Associate PM may work individually or as a member of a team. Much of the work will be manual labor and the Associate PM will be trained to operate necessary equipment. 

Job Title

Associate CRS Project Manager



Reports To:  CRS Project Manager
This is a Mid-level position with a salary range of $35,000-$48,000 per year based on experience. 

Primary Function of Job:

The primary function of this job is to assist the Project Manager and develop project management skills. That requires supervising a crew respectfully, safely and efficiently. It also requires effective communication with the Project Manager, client, crew members, vendors and other team members. Projects are expected to be completed on time and on budget.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Function as lead crew member on-site supervising other crew members, providing oversight and communicating with the CRS Project Manager.
  2. Assist the CRS Project Manager with providing necessary materials, equipment and labor necessary to complete project.
  3. Assist the CRS Project Manager with preparing scopes of work, estimating and pricing projects.
  4. Assist the CRS Project Manager with scheduling crews, sourcing and acquiring materials and equipment.
  5. Provide training to crew members.
  6. Develop skills in assessment, scope & estimate preparation, client communication and project management techniques.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Must be organized, results oriented and have attention to detail
  • Must be able to work in team environment and be able to work alone effectively and responsibly
  • Must have ability to work in all types of weather and wet conditions
  • Must have ability to work on steep slopes and be able to lift and carry up to 60 pounds
  • Must be familiar with maintaining and operating mowing equipment, chainsaws, pumps and various small equipment
  • Experience operating mini-excavators and skid steer equipment is preferred
  • Knowledge of ponds and stormwater control measures is preferred
  • Must be able to communicate effectively, both written and verbally
  • Must be able to effectively use computers, software and common technology
  • Occasional overnight travel may be required

Objectives/Results for each Major Responsibility:

  1. On-site supervision
    1. Crew is expected to complete work to the satisfaction of the CRS Project Manager and client.
    2. Crew is on-site, on-time, prepared, has necessary equipment/materials/tools
    3. Crew understands safety requirements and is aware of potential hazards
    4. Crew thoroughly understands scope of work to be completed and time allotted for completion
    5. Crew works efficiently, communication is timely and thorough, work is completed on time
  2. Providing materials, equipment & labor
    1. Assists the CRS Project Manager with obtaining materials and equipment
    2. Supervises the mobilization and demobilization of the project
    3. Transports materials and equipment
    4. Materials, equipment and labor are available when project is begun.
  3. Preparing scopes, estimates and pricing
    1. Works with CRS Project Manager to determine appropriate scope, time/equipment/tools/materials required
    2. Works with CRS Project Manager to determine pricing and desired profitability
    3. Ensures crew understands the scope, estimated time/materials/equipment before beginning the project
    4. Scopes of work and estimates are complete in one week unless the CRS Project Manager approves a delay.
  4. Scheduling, sourcing and obtaining materials and equipment
    1. Works with the CRS Project Manager to put project on calendar
    2. Works with CRS Project Manager sourcing and obtaining materials and necessary equipment
    3. Picks up and returns equipment and unused materials
    4. Crews are scheduled, materials and equipment are sourced and obtained before project start date.
  5. Training crew members
    1. Provide safety training to crew members
    2. Provide equipment operation training to crew members
    3. Train crew members in proper time management and time reporting
    4. Identify and provide needed crew training
    5. Training should be provided for 10 minutes before starting any job and for an additional 1 hour per week.
  6. Develop CRS Project Manager skills
    1. Work with the CRS Project Manager when conducting assessments, preparing scopes and estimates
    2. Observe the CRS Project Manager communicating with clients and provide requested field service communications
    3. Obtain Project Management education
    4. The Associate Project Manager is expected to develop into a Project Manager.


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