The Construction, Repair Services (CRS) Technician will assist an experienced CRS Project Manager with maintenance and construction related to lake, pond and storm water devices. While on a job site, the Technician may work individually or as a member of a team. Much of the work will be manual labor and the Technician will be trained to operate necessary equipment. 

Job Title

CRS Technician



Reports To:  CRS Project Manager

Duties & Responsibilities                                          50%

  1. • Expected to observe safety requirements and operate equipment and tools safely and conscientiously

  2. * Complete tasks assigned by CRS Project Manager thoughtfully, efficiently and with care

  3. * Communicates property enhancement opportunities to Supervisor

  4. * Assists CRS Project Manager with maintenance, repairs and construction of stormwater devices, lakes and ponds

Accountabilities                                                           30%

  1. * Completes tasks assigned by CRS Project Manager respectfully, thoroughly and timely

  2. * Communicates with customers respectfully, friendly, knowledgeably and accurately

  3. * Communicates effectively with CRS Project Manager and the rest of the team to help the project get completed to the customers' satisfaction and cost-effectively

  4. • Obtains aquatic pesticide application license and become knowledgeable about appropriate pesticides, pesticide application equipment and safety

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance                    20%

  1. • Operates automatic and stick shift vehicles, such as pickup trucks and truck/trailer combinations

  2. • Trained to operate a variety of mechanical equipment including but not limited to mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, pumps, sprayers, hand tools, compactors, grinders, drills, jack hammers, back hoes, bobcats, dingos, etc.

  3. • Assist with general maintenance and appearance of trucks and equipment

  4. • Perform basic mechanical installation and repairs as well as routine maintenance on equipment

Total                                                                                   100%



We Believe in Integrity                                              15%

  1. • Exhibits honesty and integrity

  2. • Does NOT gossip or involve themselves negatively in the personal lives of co-workers

  3. • Demonstrates sound and accurate judgement

  4. • Maintains appropriate personal behavior

  5. • Follows through on commitments

  6. • Effectively uses feedback to improve performance

We Believe in Taking Care of our Customers 15%

  1. • Displays understanding of how their job impacts and relates to customers

  2. • Greets customers with a positive and pleasant attitude

  3. • Listens appropriately when customers describe their needs

  4. • Considerate of customer concerns and works actively to resolve those concerns

  5. * Accepts ownership of customer problems or issues

  6. * Develops personal relationship with customers

We Believe in Respect                                                 10%

  1. • Respects company and customers property

  2. • Establishes and maintains effective/appropriate relationships with co-workers

  3. • Establishes and maintains effective/appropriate relationships with customers

  4. • Speaks opinions and offers ideas respectfully

  5. • Respects the decisions of co-workers within the organization

We Believe in Friendliness                                      10%

  1. • Accepts and acknowledges suggestions and feedback from others

  2. • Actions and reactions are calm and purposeful

  3. • Actively assists co-workers

  4. • Displays a positive and pleasant outlook

  5. * Effectively helps new employees in the workplace

We Believe in Being Frugal                                     10%

  1. • Effectively recognizes or establishes budgets and functions within budget constraints

  2. • Makes cost-effective purchasing decisions

  3. • Uses available materials and tools before buying new ones

  4. • Avoids purchasing anything that is not necessary and in the company's best interest

  5. • Reduces waste and recycles appropriate materials correctly

  6. • Conserves energy

We Believe in Environmental Stewardship 10%

  1. • Follows environmental requirements, regulations and guidelines

  2. • Utilizes an Integrated Pest Management protocol when treating aquatic resources

  3. • Respects wildlife habitat and native species

  4. • Encourages sustainable aquatic treatments, resource management and business practices

We Believe in Innovation                                         10%

  1. • Adapts to changes in technology

  2. • Demonstrates critical thinking and analysis skills

  3. • Looks for new solutions to old or recurring problems

  4. • Looks for ways to improve and promote quality

We Believe in Profits                                                  10%

  1. • Understands the importance of productivity and the relationship between completing work efficiently and at a profit

  2. • Completes assignments on-time and in alignment with specifications/directions

  3. • Communicates changes in schedule proactively

  4. • Manages time effectively

  5. • Places the importance of team achievement above individual achievement

  6. * Understands their role in the future of the company

We Believe in Having Fun                                            5%

  1. • Encourages and supports other employees

  2. • Resolves conflicts fairly and effectively

  3. • Works cooperatively and maintains good relations with others

  4. * Encourages and participates in group company activities

We Believe in Supporting our Communities   5%

  1. • Communicates opportunities to serve our communities

  2. • Encourages and supports other employees' community interests

  3. • Proactively offers assistance and support within the community

  4. • Works cooperatively and maintains good relations with the community

Total                                                                                   100%



Knowledge and Experience

  • This position requires a high school degree or GED
  • Candidate must be able to read and write
  • Candidate must be physically capable of lifting heavy objects and performing occasionally strenuous work
  • Candidate must be emotionally and professionally capable of performing necessary work

Work Environment

  • The work environment described below contains examples of those conditions an employee encounters while performing the essential responsibilities of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individual with disabilities to perform the essential responsibilities.
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to stand, walk, crouch, stoop, kneel, reach with hands and arms
  • The employee must regularly lift or move up to 80 pounds
  • Specific vision abilities required by this job are dictated by the North Carolina Driver’s License requirements
  • While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to lakes and ponds, mud, wet and/or humid conditions, outside weather (hot and cold) and moving mechanical equipment
  • The employee will encounter job sites on both residential and commercial property. The employee may also be exposed to homeowner’s pets

Working Relationships

  • The employee will work closely with members of the team, other team leaders, supervisors and clients
Pay Range

As of July 2018, the expected pay range for this position is $12 - $15 per hour for the first 3 months, which is considered a probationary period. Afterwards, the pay will switch to salary with benefits and will be dependent upon qualifications, experience and performance during probationary period. 

This job description identifies the major responsibilities of this position. Employees may be required to perform other duties as assigned, to assist with executing the company's business model, promoting the company's culture, mission and values.
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