In order for your fish to adapt to their new environment, it's important to adjust the temperature of the water your fish currently reside before releasing or transferring them. This avoids shock from sudden changes in temperature or water chemistry. 

Instructions for introducing fish to new water:

  1. Open the bags containing your fish.
  2. Pour about one quart of your pond/lake water into each bag.
  3. Gradually add more pond water to each bag until about eight quarts have been added over 15 minutes.
  4. Use your hand to compare the water temperature of the pond water with the water in the bag.
  5. If the temperature is significantly different, add more water to the bag until equal.
  6. Do not release the fish in shallow water if the water is very warm. Releasing fish in deeper water allows them to seek out their preferred temperature.

Making sure fish are healthy upon arrival to new lake

When shipping fish, occasionally things go wrong. If a fish is weak, it may not last from departure to arrival. Sometimes, healthy fish may be damaged during shipping and handling. Make sure you are ordering from businesses that account for this. For instance, including an additional 5% of fish to your order at no charge; this can account for any losses or damages. If you find dead fish when you open the bag, follow this procedure. A quality company will make sure you are satisfied.

  1. Remove and count the dead fish.
  2. If more than 5% of the fish you ordered are dead, contact the business immediately after releasing the surviving fish.
  3. Wait for further procedure.

For more in-depth information about tempering fish check out 3 Periods of Fish Adjustment to New Environments

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