Ever Seen a Freshwater Jelly?

Chad, one of our Service Managers with 25 years of lake management experience, took this interesting photograph of freshwater jellyfish at a lake he was working on this week. There were quite a few of the jellyfish and he said they looked a[...]

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Pond Boss Magazine turns 25!

Anyone with an inkling of passion for lake and pond management would thoroughly enjoy reading “Pond Boss” magazine. It is folksy and fun to read while being incredibly informational. I read every issue cover to cover, not so much because I don’t[...]

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I am so very thankful

I Am So Very ThankfulFor God's blessings make everything else that I'm thankful for possible.For loved ones that are truly good, well-adjusted people.For Foster Lake & Pond Management team members who are honest, committed, hard-working people[...]

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Hot Topic: Stormwater management

Stormwater runoff from streets, parking areas, roofs and other impervious surfaces has been identified as one of the major sources of pollution in North Carolina streams and lakes.

What to do about this Stormwater runoff?

State and local[...]

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DIY Lake and Pond Probiotics

Although bacteria and enzyme products have been used by lake and pond managers for years, recent research and development has identified and developed strains of bacteria and enzymes that are much more effective than their former . We began using[...]

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love your lakes: remove acidity with lime application

Adding pulverized agricultural lime is the leading remedy for soft (low alkalinity, low hardnessacidic water lakes and is the most overlooked lake management activity in this region. Our soils are often naturally acidic, and along with acidic[...]

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Record Heat Contributes to Fish Kills

Record heat during the summer months has created the warmest lake and pond water we’ve seen this early in the season.

Lakes and ponds are suffering right now!

We have already had to clean up fish kills in several locations. Hot water simply[...]

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Controlling Geese Populations Around Lakes and Ponds

Migratory geese are elegant, charming creatures. Their brief visits during fall and winter make them very manageable. However, migratory goose populations are declining and resident populations of geese are increasing. Protected by law, having[...]

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Tempering Fish

In order for your fish to adapt to their new environment, it's important to adjust the temperature of the water your fish currently reside before releasing or transferring them. This avoids shock from sudden changes in temperature or water[...]

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The Benefit of Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout won't survive summers in most North Carolina lakes and ponds, unless they are in the mountains. Trout require very high levels of dissolved oxygen. Our warm water temperatures during summer won't hold enough oxygen, plus the warm[...]

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