Holy cow is it hard to find minnows! With so many people staying home, fishing has become incredibly popular. Many people use minnows for bait. Therefore, the minnow farmers are struggling to produce and deliver enough to us for stocking in gamefish ponds as forage.

A rule of thumb is that a fish must eat about 10 pounds of food to gain a pound of weight. That is why we frequently recommend stocking A LOT of forage into lakes and ponds managed for gamefish production. Unfortunately, the demand for minnows exceeds the supply right now.

We have reliable growers 81-wr6QaOKL._AC_SX425_providing minnows to us for the last 38 years. If anyone knows how to get minnows, it is us. We have been getting minnows from everywhere possible east of the Mississippi River. We buy a lot of minnows every year, so these growers work with us. Nevertheless, they also sell to distributors supplying bait shops and their demand is many times what is normal.

Crappie fishing season should be winding down soon. Growers have ramped up production. We are selling minnows and expect the supply to improve soon. We expect to be filling orders through June. We do not sell minnows (or other fish) during July and August because the hot weather is just too stressful for the fish. Contact us and we will try to get the fish to you or put you on our list to receive them in the fall.

I know you agree with me hoping everything will be much more towards our new “normal” by the fall. 

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