My favorite magazine, Pond Bossis edited by my ole friend Bob Lusk, who owns a lake management company in Texas. I recall an issue back in 2012 that had a great article entitled “Drowning Worms”, written by Beth Lahaie. I highly recommend the article, but in the meantime, here’s the concept. Simply stated, a positive outlook is most easily achieved by simply relaxing on the shore of a lake or pond.

Lake Relaxation

I’ve been lucky enough to have had many opportunities to relax along shorelines. I grew up with access to ponds and have worked with ponds since graduating from college in 1974. For as long as I can remember I’ve recognized the exceptionally good feeling I get along a shoreline. There is something primal about being on or near water. The ebb and flow of the lapping waves along with the swishing sounds are therapeutic.

I could never take this feeling for granted. In fact, I often think about how a childhood friend and I used to fish and hang out around lakes and ponds, and how in those moments life couldn’t get any better.  Now, I wonder if he still gets to enjoy the water that often. I hope so because my love for it has exponentially grown over time.

I sincerely love the work I do. I am able to study and experience what i love almost every day. It is a joy to work with our customers and clients because they love their lakes and ponds as much as we love our own. When People want to hear what we have to say, and are pleased with our services, our company mission, ”To enjoy helping North Carolina property owners enjoy their lakes and ponds” is fulfilled.

We have had some exceptionally nice winter weather in North Carolina this year and spring is just around the corner. Do yourself a favor and go relax along a shoreline for a few hours. Better still, take a young person with you to a shoreline and let them experience the healing abilities of the water. Beth’s Dad called it “Drowning Worms,” and she still “gets it!”

Check out some of North Carolina's premiere rivers and lakes to find your own serene shoreline.

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