Stormwater runoff from streets, parking areas, roofs and other impervious surfaces has been identified as one of the major sources of pollution in North Carolina streams and lakes.

What to do about this Stormwater runoff?

State and local government agencies now require monthly inspections and maintenance on many new stormwater retention ponds. However, this runoff maintenance was enacted quite recently, focusing on newer lakes and bodies of water. Older ponds have likely been “grandfathered in” and do not require inspection. Nevertheless, inspectors are supposed to visit each pond at least once per year and they urge that problems be corrected as quickly as possible. This unexpected maintenance can be very expensive and you may have difficulty finding someone to do the work within the given time frame.

Managing Stormwater runoff

Foster Lake & Pond Management has always been very active in inspecting, maintaining and managing stormwater retention ponds and other related devices. We have certified inspectors and all of our technicians are trained to monitor all potential problem areas. Our monitoring and routine maintenance insures that the lakes and ponds are attractive and ultimately an asset to property values. These regular inspections make sure developing conditions are addressed before they become expensive problems. Lakes and ponds need routine maintenance, just like turf and landscaped areas. Otherwise, surface algae, weeds, water quality problems, trash, sediment deposits, mosquitoes, shoreline erosion, muddy water, muskrats and various other problems can develop very quickly and take considerable time to correct. The lakes can quickly become unattractive and may even lead to fish kills.

Our service makes sure the dams, drain structures, emergency spillways, storm drains and other structures are in good condition and not deteriorating. It is expensive and frustrating to find someone dependable to assess the problems, propose solutions and get them corrected quickly - we want to keep you from worrying about these issues. We constantly improve upon our own services by researching developing information and new techniques to remain as current as possible.

With 30 years experience working with over 600 North Carolina lakes and ponds year round, we are confident we can provide a very cost – effective service. We are experienced, we know what to look for, and we do not reinvent the wheel to correct a problem. We keep all of the lakes we work with consistently attractive and productive with little concern from property owners. We are always available to provide advice or offer suggestions and we will respond to an unexpected problem, like a fish kill, quickly and professionally.



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