Foster Lake & Pond Management is an accredited member of the Society of Lake Management Professionals and recently attended the Annual Summit 2019 in Memphis, TN.  This professional organization is comprised of lake, pond, and stormwater management companies and vendors from all over the United States.  The Annual Summit brings together industry leaders to discuss current trends, learn about innovative technologies, and share business tips.  This open forum allows the industry to grow together and maintain a high level of knowledge and integrity.  Topics included nutrient reduction, trophy bass management, beneficial bacteria research, business organization and aeration.   SLMP also presented Andrew Howell, a graduate student at NC State University, with a $3,000 scholarship to further his education. 

Johnny Foster, Mitchell Morton, Ryan Stanley, and Cole Hulon all attended from Foster Lake & Pond Management.  Mitchell, who has served on the Board of Directors the last 2 years, was elected Vice-President and he will be helping to guide the organization over the next few years.   Next year’s Summit is in St. Petersburg, FL.  FLPM will once again send several staff members to attend because we are committed to the professional development of our team and company. 

You can learn more about the Society of Lake Management Professionals at

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