As temperatures cool and the pumpkin spice starts to be sprinkled into everything on the planet, fisheries biologists start pulling out the waders, nets, and shocking boats.  The Fall is an exciting and productive time for your lake or pond’s fishery.   Transitions in temperatures also mean an increase in fish activity.  Here are a few activities that you can consider for your lake or pond this Fall.

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Electrofishing Surveys

October and November are great months for fisheries surveys.  Not only can you get a great look at the year’s spawning success and recruitment, but you can also selectively harvest stunted bass and undesirable trash fish.  The benefit to the fall survey is that you can remove small, stunted male bass in large numbers BEFORE the next year’s spawn.   This not only relieves pressure on the forage fish population, but promotes better genetic selection the following Spring.

New Pond Stocking

Stocking new ponds in the Fall is a great management strategy as well.  For starters, the forage fish species (bluegill and redear sunfish) are generally a little more plump and hearty when coming from the hatchery.  Also, fish are almost always back in full supply after the Spring rush on inventory.

Supplemental Stocking

Adding forage fish in the Fall is a no-brainer.  Feeding is generally most beneficial when water temperatures are moderate (65-75 degrees).   Stocking additional forage fish in the fall such as fathead minnows, golden shiners, rainbow trout, bluegill, redear sunfish, etc. helps put weight directly on your bass as they go into the winter.  Also, some of those fish may make it into the Spring and spawn.

New Pond Design and Construction

Planning a new Trophy Bass Lake?  The Fall/Winter months are a great time to schedule an appointment with your Lake & Pond Professional Biologist to discuss your objectives.  A good plan should include size, depths, structure layout, aeration, feeder placement, stocking strategy, and schedule.  

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