Since you are staying at home so much more now, why not enhance your lake, pond or stormwater device. Make it more attractive, productive, natural, accessible or just downright enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoy helping property owners get more enjoyment from their ponds. Here are some ideas we can help with:

  • Attractive
    • Control weeds and algae
    • Plant ornamental shoreline plants
    • Add a fountain with or without lights
    • Improve color or clarity

Foster Lake-9925-1

  • Productive
    • Stock fish
    • Add a fish feeder or just start feeding the fish by hand
    • Add diffused aeration
    • Add fish habitat

Foster Lake-0356

  • Natural
    • Correct erosion or reseed bare spots in grass
    • Cut overgrown grass/weeds and clear brush
    • Apply probiotic bacteria/enzymes to digest organic muck
    • Stock sterile grass carp fish to eat nuisance vegetation
  • Accessible
    • Install a floating dock
    Raif Connect-A-Dock with kayak launch3
    • Add a PWC (personal water craft) dock to an existing dock
    • Add dock accessories (planters, ramps, storage boxes, etc.)
    • Add a swimming beach

We would enjoy helping you enjoy all of these options. Please contact us for more information.          Telephone: 919-772-8548      email:

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