Although bacteria and enzyme products have been used by lake and pond managers for years, recent research and development has identified and developed strains of bacteria and enzymes that are much more effective than their former . We began using some of these products and are extremely impressed with their results. We now offer a line of very safe versatile products you can apply yourself. 

Aquatic Algaecides for Lakes:

  • FL&PM Bio-Catalyst: Used in a tank mix with readily available algaecides, this probiotic provides sticking properties to give algaecides better access to algae. Once the algae are dead, this product releases bio-stimulants that increase the action of organic-eating bacteria.
  • FL&PM Cattail Digester: This fatty acid has two parts – a water-soluble head and an oil-soluble tail. Each responds to a separate substrate, allowing for more of the tank mix to be absorbed by the cattail rhizomes. This allows the herbicide to kill the plant from the inside. After the cattail is killed, this product provides nutrients and stimulants to the naturally-occurring bacteria who digest the cattail.
  • FL&PM Muck Reducer: These pellets contain a probiotic blend that works two ways: bio stimulants invigorate the sluggish muck-eating bacteria already found in your pond. Then, the Muck Reducer bacteria are released, degrading the material that the existing bacteria can’t digest.
  • FL&PM Nutrient Reducer 78: Summertime with hot water is difficult for lakes, ponds and stormwater devices. This formulation is for use during the summer. Another product will be available for use in cool water. Nutrient Reducer 78 is packed with bacteria that are extremely active in high temperatures to combat the overabundance of nutrients and dead organic matter. This is an easy way to remove 30 – 60% of the sludge from your pond. It is extremely efficient at cleaning the dead organics and fish matter present after fish kills.
  • FL&PM Bio-Clarifier: By fixating nitrogen and temporarily binding phosphorous, this probiotic actually clarifies your water. These cultures coagulate the nutrients into micro flocs that sink to the bottom clearing the water. The blend of 12 different cultures are especially good for treating planktonic algae when combined with a low dose chelated copper algaecide.

Taking care of your lake

Encouraging good stewardship of water, these products alone do not kill any plants or algae. They just make other products more effective, and improve the health and water quality of the water. We are adamant about the benefits of aeration in lakes and ponds. Having dissolved oxygen near the bottom makes these products more effective but it is not absolutely necessary.

Please feel free to contact us with a description of your problem (close up photos help too). We can recommend a recipe that will include these probiotics. We are confident you will be impressed by the ease of application, cost effectiveness and long-lasting results.

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