Record Heat Contributes to Fish Kills

Record heat during the summer months has created the warmest lake and pond water we’ve seen this early in the season.

Lakes and ponds are suffering right now!

We have already had to clean up fish kills in several locations. Hot water simply[...]

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Controlling Geese Populations Around Lakes and Ponds

Migratory geese are elegant, charming creatures. Their brief visits during fall and winter make them very manageable. However, migratory goose populations are declining and resident populations of geese are increasing. Protected by law, having[...]

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Tempering Fish

In order for your fish to adapt to their new environment, it's important to adjust the temperature of the water your fish currently reside before releasing or transferring them. This avoids shock from sudden changes in temperature or water[...]

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The Benefit of Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout won't survive summers in most North Carolina lakes and ponds, unless they are in the mountains. Trout require very high levels of dissolved oxygen. Our warm water temperatures during summer won't hold enough oxygen, plus the warm[...]

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Muskrat control without trapping

Through our lake and pond management activities we frequently face nuisance muskrat problems. Specifically in residential neighborhoods and business campuses, trapping muskrats can be a public relations nightmare. 

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Lakes and Ponds Soothe The Soul

My favorite magazine, Pond Bossis edited by my ole friend Bob Lusk, who owns a lake management company in Texas. I recall an issue back in 2012 that had a great article entitled “Drowning Worms”, written by Beth Lahaie. I highly recommend the[...]

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