It’s Time to Enhance Your Lake, Pond or Stormwater Device

Since you are staying at home so much more now, why not enhance your lake, pond or stormwater device. Make it more attractive, productive, natural, accessible or just downright enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoy helping property owners get more[...]

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Minnows for Bait and Forage in Short Supply as More People go Fishing

Holy cow is it hard to find minnows! With so many people staying home, fishing has become incredibly popular. Many people use minnows for bait. Therefore, the minnow farmers are struggling to produce and deliver enough to us for stocking in[...]

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How to Protect Your Pooch From Toxic Algae

North Carolina Algal Bloom Map 

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Cyanobacteria… What?!

Cyanobacteria (formerly called “blue-green algae”)

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Probiotics vs Biocatalysts

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Foster Lake & Pond Management attends SLMP Annual Summit 2019

Foster Lake & Pond Management is an accredited member of the Society of Lake Management Professionals and recently attended the Annual Summit 2019 in Memphis, TN.  This professional organization is comprised of lake, pond, and stormwater[...]

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Stormwater Control Measures  & Maintenance for the Fall Season

As the temperature begins to cool and leaves start to fall, your Storm Water Professional should begin to perform seasonal lake and outdoor upkeep. 

Seasonal Upkeep around your lake or pond

Seeding & Turf Repair

The Fall is a great time to[...]

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