the 2018 Pond Clinic

Join the Foster Lake staff at a super cool pond event. Hosted by the Durham, Orange and Wake Soil and Water Conservation Districts, the 2018 Pond Clinic is an opportunity to learn more about ponds and their management. If you own a farm or are[...]

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Stormwater Control Measures  & Maintenance for the Fall Season

As the temperature begins to cool and leaves start to fall, your Storm Water Professional should begin to perform seasonal lake and outdoor upkeep. 

Seasonal Upkeep around your lake or pond

Seeding & Turf Repair

The Fall is a great time to[...]

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Fall Fisheries Management

As temperatures cool and the pumpkin spice starts to be sprinkled into everything on the planet, fisheries biologists start pulling out the waders, nets, and shocking boats.  The Fall is an exciting and productive time for your lake or pond’s[...]

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Hurricane preparedness for lake and pond owners

“Prepare for the worse and hope for the best”.

Due to the number of calls we’ve had from customers and clients asking for advice on preparing for hurricanes, we are providing some general comments. Specific recommendations depend upon the[...]

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Aeration choices for lakes and ponds

(Bear with us, this is a long one - but extremely informative for those with pond fountains or contemplating the purchase.)

I’ve never seen a lake or pond that did not benefit enormously from aeration. In fact, aeration is the one expense that[...]

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Pond Boss Conference & Expo: a weekend of fishing and fun

What do you get when you combine a fishing tournament with a banquet dinner / silent auction on the beautiful Lake Conroe?

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New Law will Affect Many North Carolina Lake Dam Owners

“The Coal Ash Management Act of 2014, signed into law on September 20, 2014, requires all owners of high and intermediate hazard dams to submit Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and[...]

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Cyanobacteria… What?!

Until recently, this surface film was considered a form of “blue-green algae”. Blue-green algae are actually classified as bacteria and are correctly called cyanobacteria. As bacteria, they are mobile and can rise and sink through the water[...]

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Ever Seen a Freshwater Jelly?

Chad, one of our Service Managers with 25 years of lake management experience, took this interesting photograph of freshwater jellyfish at a lake he was working on this week. There were quite a few of the jellyfish and he said they looked a[...]

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Pond Boss Magazine turns 25!

Anyone with an inkling of passion for lake and pond management would thoroughly enjoy reading “Pond Boss” magazine. It is folksy and fun to read while being incredibly informational. I read every issue cover to cover, not so much because I don’t[...]

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